The American Psycho

Because I live near Accounting firms like Ernst & Hung, Goldman’s Ballsacks, and Pimp-Hoe, I get to encounter men in the Finance sector. One common theme resonates with them all; they are desperately trying to be Patrick Bateman. Like literally the first 30 seconds of talking to Bankers sound like the opening quote from American Psycho: […]

The Prince slash Oil Heir

If I invite, a boy some night, to cook up some hot enchilada.  Though Spanish rice, is all very nice, my heart belongs to DaDa – Marilyn Monroe I’m not nicknaming this discarded man Aladdin, because that Aladdin character was a street rat with a monkey-friend. Yuck. Ali Ababawa was a Prince with a pet ellaphant. Yummm.  […]

The Professor

When I was a kid, there was a popular anti-smoking campaign with Debi Austin. I found the ads very disturbing… But  obviously not disturbing enough, because I was a smoker for nine glorious years. I now get a sense of pride, when I see that the anti-smoking ads have re-surfaced, because I quit for the 12th […]

The Poor Boy

I had a brief phase in college where I grew bored with the physical attractiveness of my Orange County peers. I envied my girlfriend who went to FIDM, because she was surrounded with LA hipsters and artsy-fartsy freaks. That fascination with trendy, scene kids quickly dwindled given my experience with Alejandro. Alejandro is his real […]

The Pro Athlete

I met Aden at the beach on Easter during a Sunrise Service. I was enjoying Jesus. He was enjoying the early morning swell. Aden quickly informed me (shamelessly bragged) that he was a pro surfer. And it just so happens I worked for his major sponsor (who shall remain nameless). I’d never heard of him […]

The Christmas Boyfriend

Since the holidays are approaching, I thought it fitting to discuss my Christmas Break fling. I met Owen in a less-than-conventional-way: hooking up with his roommate. The next morning I was gathering all my belongings and trying to sneak out before sunrise. Unfortunately, Owen was wide awake making breakfast. Good morning, you hungry? Not my […]